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About this journal
A dream that lasted a lifetime
Hello~ Welcome to my Journal. You can call me Trifa @ Fa-chan.
I'm from Malaysia. I'm Arashi and KATTUN fan. I also Super Junior and TVXQ fan. Therefore, you can say that I'm JK-pop fan..
In this journal, you can find my fics and other fandom works. most of time, I write Ryoda n Sakuaraiba. I'm very bad with Smut fic, so, don't expect a hard smutty fic from me~Gomen~ Have fun~!.

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Title: Fate or courage
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: G
Summary: Sometime love can be happen either by fate or courage. Ryo and Ueda is actually mutual love each other. Is either they're choose fate or courage to bind their love.

The beginning of fate or courage...Collapse )

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Hello Livejournal and my friends!!!!

i kinda miss Lj so much...but work and RL are killing me. it's killing me more due i'm no longer working as salaryman/woman but as a businesswoman. so, most of the time i busy with meeting client and closing new business.to be truth i kinda can't believe  i'm a businesswoman now because i didn't expect i can do business.


i still love ARASHI but i hardly can focus them too much now especially their regular show. Their songs, album, single, drama, concert. don't worry still on track.
the most shocking news for me is Junno is leaving KATTUN. of course it shock me cuz i'm also KATTUN fan but...sigh~ it's his decision, wht i can do. i'll support your decision and continue support the 3-nin. kinda sad to see KATTUN fallen like this. T___T
Even though i'm Arashi fan but my fan fic is mostly from KATTUN.

Yamapi and RYO, Gomene, i kinda can't follow up your guys activities currently. but Ryo-chan your new drama is not my liking. gomene

i try to find some activities to relieve my stress. might be back to fan fic??? whose know...since i think my english vocal getting bad due lack of practice.

ohh, today is my off day due i'm sick, that's why i can login to LJ.

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Title: Who is Ryo's lover
Pairing: Ryoda,
Rating: G
Summary: Akanishi Jin and Yamapi are curious about their bestfriend personal life especially love. They really want to know who is Ryo's lover.

["Ryo has girlfriend. Who is it?" The two idols who are also best friend with Nishikido Ryo is curious with his love life. How they will found it,]

"Tell us one thing."


"Who is your girlfriend?" Jin and Yamapi wait patiently for the answer. They didn't break the eye contact with Ryo.

Ryo sighed and put his guitar down. He looked at them.

"No one." Ryo answered and back to his strumming his guitar.

"Liar!" Jin points his finger unsatisfied towards Ryo.

Ryo shrugged. "up to you guys to believe or not."

"We're so gonna find it!" Yamapi declared.

"Ok." Ryo said nonchalant

Attempt #1

~flower on the table- checked

~card with kiss mark without name - checked

~mont blanc - checked

"okay, all done!" Yamapi and Jin the materials.

"Lets hide before Ryo-chan came." Jin immediately pulled Yamapi hide behind the closet.

 A few minutes later, Ryo arrived with both his hands in the pocket and a common handsome johnny's expression. He stopped. He looked scratched that, he stared-intently. Well, if we had a stopwatch with us, we could timing it up how long does the stare is.

Slowly, one by one, KANJANI8 members arrived. "Yo, Ryo-chan~" Yokoyama greets him energetically- for Ryo is annoying.

"What is this?" Ohkura asked.

"Waa! Cake~!" Yasu exclaimed excitedly.

"Woooo!!" Subaru and Hina  exclaimed really excited. "Ryo-chan got admirer. See guys!" Hina waved the card to others. Everyone immediately swarmed the card to read it.

"......." Everyone silent for a moment before look at Ryo for answer.

"the fans give it, you guys can eat it if you want..." Ryo walked away from his table and take his guitar to the sofa.

Everyone is happy-free food and it's from Nishikido Ryo. Everyone is already take each person a slice and bite it when...

"since I'm afraid it might contains 'something' harmful." Ryo strummed the guitar motionlessly. Everyone stunned and immediately thrown up the cake.

"RYO!" Ryo just smirked.

"Tch!" while yamapi and Jin just Tch-ed with dissatisfaction.

Attempt #2

Secret admirer attempt is failed. Now, the two best friends will use the second attempt - spy.

Being the Johnny's is already attract the public attention but these guys. A long black coat, dark sunglasses and spy hat. Totally out of control. They don't know what is the meaning of 'attract of public attention'.

"It's hot!"

"Shut up Jin! Ryo will heard us" Both of them hide themselves behind the wall of one of the small alley while following his friend, Nishikido Ryo.

"but it's reallly hoot~" Jin whined like a small kid.

"go cold yourself then!" Yamapi keep his focus towards the target. Ryo is at the florist. He bought a banquet of red rose.

"Jin, Let's go. Ryo is moving. Jin?" Jin is not beside him. He's missing. "Jin!" Yamapi shouted his name but with low voice. He don't want Ryo knew they're there following him.

"What the hell! Where is that bakanishi gone missing to." Yamapi looked back and forth. He anxious. He don't want to miss Ryo but also worry about the missing Akanishi Jin. The old man Johnny will berserk if he knew one of his idol is missing while spying his own friends. Totally will make the cover page of the whole nation newspaper. 'THE FAMOUS JOHNNYS, AKANISHI JIN IS MISSING WHILE SPYING HIS BESTFRIEND, NISHIKIDO RYO'

Forget about following Ryo, Yamapi decided to find his missing friend first. He still loves him and his career too. "Oi Jin! Where are you?" Yamapi looked for him at every corner and shop.

"seriously, when I found him I'll punch him, kick him hard and tie him so he'll not lost again" Yamapi grumbling.

"Umaiii~" Yamapi heard a very familiar voice. An annoying voice. He then saw Jin at the bench park with 3 different scoop ice cream on his hand. That delight and satisfied face is really asked for a good punch from Yamapi- a boxer.


"Pi!" Jin is happy to see Yamapi.

"what are you doing?' Yamapi asked.

"cooling myself." Jin show him the ice cream. He seems can't notice the hint of irritation in Yamapi's voice." The ice cream cho umaii~ you want one." Jin offered but Yamapi ignore it with glare.

"Ehh? where is Ryo?" He can't longer see Ryo at the florist. "Pi! Baka! why you lost him." Jin scolded him. He immediately and run to find Ryo again.

"What!" Yamapi exclaimed with his eyes wide.

"hurry up Pi! If not we never knew who is Ryo-chan girlfriend." Yamapi just slapped his forehead unbelief.

Attempt #3

"it's your fault we loss Ryo." Jin blamed.

"Excuse me, don't put the balme on me! who's suddenly gone missing in action and went for ice cream?" Yamapi rebuked.

"But you are the one who told me to cool myself."

"I didn't!"

"you did!"

The two of them continue their cats fight.

"What's wrong with the two of them?" Kamenashi asked.

Nakamaru shrugged. "They've been like that from the beginning."

"45...46...I heard...47...48...they talk about...49...50...Nishikido-kun." Ueda is the middle of one-hand push up.

"Nishikido-kun?" Kame exclaimed in curiosity.

"must be some baka-things." Koki summarized.

"61...62...must be...63..." Ueda agreed.


"7...haa,what?" Ueda startled when Jin suddenly yell his name.

"Tacchan, tacchan...Pi is bullying me~" Jin whined.

"haa??" It's understandable if Ueda is shock because in normal case, Jin will whined at Kame not him. " Why are you telling me this?" Ueda continues his push ups.

"because you box." Jin grinned.

"beg your pardon?" Ueda raised his eyebrow in doubt.

"Yamashita! where are you?" Later KATTUN heard a familiar voice calling yamapi's name. "What are you doing here? Don't keep break-in others people room. You've your own, What!?" Ryo exclaimed in curiosity when 14 eyes are focus at him- so uncomfortable.

He looked each of them one by one and lastly at  Ueda who's decided to resume his activities. "Let's go Pi, back to ours. Feel too stuffy in there" Ryo pulled the unwilling Yamapi back to their dressing room. Ueda smirked by himself while continue his push up-Jin saw it.

Attempt #4

"Hey, Pi."

"What?" Pi is still upset with Jin.

"I kinda know who is Ryo-chan girlfriend.

"Maji?" Gone all the grudges, here comes the excitement feeling of curoisity of your own best friend personal life. Jin nodded.

"How do you know it?" Yamapi asked.

"I'm not that 100% sure but I kinda have the hints." Jin said.

"Who it is?"

"you'll totally can't believe it."

"Who?" Yamapi asked with high curiosity.

"It's..." before Jin can finish his word, someone interreputed them.

"Jin, Let's go. Everyone is already in the van." ueda picked him up.

"Okay." Jin signal Ueda. "Hey Pi, later after work, you and Ryo come to my home."

"Okay but why?"

"Just come. I'll tell you later." Jin quickly run, he'll yelled by Kamenashi if he;s late.

The real take

"What are we doing here?" Ryo asked.

They're currently in front of Jin' apartment door. "we're gonna have some quality time here~" Yamapi chirped happily.

-I also dunno Ryo why are we here- Yamapi said in his mind.

"Quality time?" Ryo looked Yamapi skeptically. "If you mean by drinking till morning and had a worst hang over tomorrow. I passed."

"Ehh...No!" Yamapi stopped Ryo from walked away and Jin opened the door at the right timing. "Welcoomme~!!" Jin greets them happily-too happy.

"what are you guys doing? hurry up! Come in, come in!" Jin pushed the two of them inside the apartment. "You'll miss to eat food cooked by Tacchan."

"Ueda?" Ryo and Yamapi looked at Jin curiously. Jin nodded.

"Ueda is really a good cook." Jin said happily and bring them to the kitchen.

"Jin~ what are you doing. You forced me here and asked help from me to cook for you. You promised to help me." Ueda exclaimed with irritation without looking at them. His hands are busy and focus at the stove where Jin suddenly abandoned them.

It's rare to see Ueda in apron and it's pink.


"Hahh?" Yamapi exclaimed and looked at Ryo disbelief.

Ryo looked at him with his wrinkled forehead, "what?" He asked in confusion.

"what did you say just now?"

"I didn't said anything."

Yamapi retorted firmly. He so sure that he heard Ryo said that. "No, I'm sure you said cute."

"Are you sure is me? Maybe your inner feeling said it."

"My inner feeling..." Yamapi ponder and look at Ueda again.

"Tacchan~ the guests are here."

"Jin...Oh...konichiwwa~" Ueda bows and greet them.

"Ueda-kun...you cook?" Yamapi asked in awe.

"nothing fancy.Jin suddenly said he missed my cook and keep bugging me to come his apartment to cook for him. Since I'm free tomorrow, so agreed. here I am." Ueda smiled. "Please pardon me for the taste if it's not suit your taste." Ueda said shyly.

They eat, drink, laughing and having fun. Yamapi can't believe Ueda is really a good cook. They're loitering and drinking a beer while watching some show on the TV.

"where are you going?" Yamapi asked when Ryo suddenly stand up.

"I need some water." Yamapi nodded and Ryo walked to the kitchen.

A minutes later, Jin speak. "Tacchan, I forgot. I got your favourite vanilla Ice cream in my fridge. You may have it."

"Hontou ni!" Ueda exclaimed happily. He immediately stand up and ran to the kitchen. Jin eyeing Ueda to the kitchen with smirk.


"What? Don't disturb me. This climax is here.'



"Come with me but quietly." Jin warned him. "Don't make sound."

"Excuse me?" Yamapi looked at him weirdly.

"just follow me. Don't ask too many questions." Jin said irritated. Yamapi follows Jin-tip-toeing to the kitchen.

At the kitchen, Ueda skiiping happily to the fridge. Ueda grinned in excitement when he saw the ice cream.

"What is that?" Ryo asked with his glass of water in his hand.

Ueda smiled and show it to Ryo, "Jin gives it to me." Ueda begin dig in his favourite.

Ryo smiled while looking at the happy Ueda, "does it taste delicious?" Ryo asked.

Ueda nodded, "you want some?" Ueda offered.

"Sure." Ryo closes the gap and the gap between them and hugged his waist with his free hand. He kisses him passionately.

Ryo licked his lips in satisfaction. "It does taste good." Ryo smirked.

Ueda's cheeks reddening in embrasement, "Ryo~"

"What?" Ryo takes a sip of the water. The grin is still evident on his face.

"what's happen if Jin and Yamashita saw it." Ueda stuffed the spoon inside his mouth and pouted cutely.

Ryo shrugged. He placed the glass on the top. He placed both his hand at the top trapping Ueda close to him.


"Let them be. You're mine and I can do whatever I want." Ryo kisses him. From the light kiss slowly become a make out session.

"ehemm..." Ryo and Ueda stop their make out session.

"I appreciate if you do that in my kitchen. I still need to use everyday." Jin exclaimed with his wide grin evident on his face while Yamapi is still speechless by the truth in front of him.

"OMG!you....Ueda...."Yamapi stuttering."OMG!! this is unbelievable!" Yamapi exclaimed disbelief. "When, how,who...?"

Ryo hugged Ueda affectionately, "Yup, We're together and it's has been long as you think."

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Title: Chapter 10 : Back to papa Final plan
Pairing: Ryoda,
Rating: PG
Summary: Nishikido Ryu, a cute, smart and wicked boy is Nishikido Ryo's son. No one is know about the fact and the secret is leaked by itself and all thanks to his son, Ryu. But, the story is about Ryu's mission. He wants to meet his papa's lover.

Okay, I'm sorry! I dunno what doinh here. Supposed to be chapter 9 has 2 part but i decided to make a new chapter. ^__^Collapse )

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Title: Chapter 9 : Back to papa plan A
Pairing: Ryoda,
Rating: PG
Summary: Nishikido Ryu, a cute, smart and wicked boy is Nishikido Ryo's son. No one is know about the fact and the secret is leaked by itself and all thanks to his son, Ryu. But, the story is about Ryu's mission. He wants to meet his papa's lover.
I tell you guys in advanced, dun read yet cuz i'm too sleepy to continue writing it. So, it's just 80% finish. Gomene~Collapse )

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i already work in my current company almost 2 years. Now, I want to resigned due to various reason. I already tender my 1 month notice on last Wednesday. Since I never use my Annual leave. I asked HR to calculate my balance. They calculated mine has balance 14.5 days.

So, my last day supposed to be on 19th (half day) or 20th. So, i choose 20th, so that i can properly finish up my works.Then, i already set my date in my calendar. suddenly, on Friday, I been informed by HR that I'll not get my last day date until my 2nd employer confirm it. They hold my last day.

As per conversation between my employers. I do understand that they need to at least 2-3weeks to train the new admin. so, i kinda ok with it and it meets the criteria of agreement since my annual leave is 14.5days. so, i can train until my last day. I want my AL to be encash. I don't want they to paid my AL. i just wanna leave ASAP.

Before you gives the answer. Let me share a lil bit about my company and myself.

On 4 Sept 2012, i work with D company as a management trainee (sales & Marketing Department) for almost 6 month. The last 3 month, i also in probation of position Administrative & Recruitment Executive. On 1 April 2013, I'm officially for that position. That year i've balance AL 10.5day and I used 4 days only. I entitled for 14 days AL.

I signed the contract with D company, Then, on 23 March 2014, my owner of D company retrained under APPCO Terrence Tey Sdn bhd. So, we working closely with them. I'm helping them for administration works. supposed to be, I'll receive an offer letter for Appco Terrence Tey sdn Bhd but I didn't. Since then until today, my salary is paid by D company because i still received the email from financial department, asking my original owner to sign my salary confirmation every month.

I want to resigned and already have a talk with my owner, he agreed with my notice. So, I asked HR, what is the formalities. They asked me to give the resignation with the acknowledgement from my owner. I want to out clean. so, I'm done it. Since I also working with Terrence Tey Sdn Bhd. I respect them, so i'm including them in my formalities.

I send the notice with 2 signatures. but suddenly, the admin of Terrence Tey Sdn Bhd hold my last day despite she said she need 2-3 weeks to train new admin. My bal is more than 2-3 weeks. The HR department even said to me that they can't confirm when is my last day. I were like, then, what is the point I tender my notice but I still working without knowing my last day and whose know it'll be more than 1 month then u asked the HR to proceed the notice.

in my contract, less than 2 years, u need to tender 1 month. So, i do that. As far as I know, only my owner of D company can hold (if I permit) to hold my last day and he also can permit me to tender 24hrs notice because he is my original owner and still is. I never signed any contract with Appco Terrence Tey Sdn Bhd. I'm just helping them for 3 months since my owner said so.

I hate working with them, never ever in my working experience in sales & marketing organization or with D company. We always paid the staff's commissions. even though they're resigned or MIA. we calculated the sales for the days they're actually working. but, they didn't. they keep the money for themselves. I do fight it for the staff but they didn't listen. It's their money. They work hard for it. It just happened they resigned before the payday. Until that day, they still working. They resigned not because they want to, but because of internship. I've a lot to complaints. But that's is not the main point here.

I want to asked;

Are they (Appco Terrence Tey Sdn Bhd) allowed to ask HR department to hold the process of my notice?
Who I supposed to discuss with my resignation? (Owner of D company or Appco Terrence Tey Sdn Bhd)
What happened if I resigned 24hrs despite I still have balance 14.5days?
If I still under D company and after discussion with my owner, he allowed for me to resigned 24hrs. Is the HR have objection about it.

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I know I've been abandoned my fandom life quite a time but i'm totally appreciate all the beautiful comments.

Who comments the most on this journal?Collapse )

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Title: Chapter 8 : Are we or not?
Pairing: Ryoda,
Rating: PG
Summary: Nishikido Ryu, a cute, smart and wicked boy is Nishikido Ryo's son. No one is know about the fact and the secret is leaked by itself and all thanks to his son, Ryu. But, the story is about Ryu's mission. He wants to meet his papa's lover.

"This is the plan"Collapse )

P/S:I know that most of my friend in Ryoda fandom is gone, MIA or etc. But I'm really sorry because until now I finally can update my fic. I miss you guys and ur fic. See you soon!!! in my comment also. Let;s chat cuz now i always open my LJ but just for scrolling the update news in fandom. don't wanna be out-dated rite~


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